The Players

We have some awesome people who tackle the America Adventure each year. From Indycar racers and business owners, to celebrities and just rally fans, the America Adventure has a lot of fun built in for everyone! 


You are guaranteed a week of meeting great new friends that will reconnect each year to tackle the new challenges the Adventure presents. We have some players that have competed in all America Adventure events since it's debut race in 2011!

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Team Stormfront: Home Bases: Indianapolis and Pine Hurst, NC John Storm: Engineer( Materials Science, Boundary Layer Energy Transfer), Inventor( 250+ U.S. And Foreign Patents Granted), Farmer- 16 miles west of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Co-Pilot: Craig Fuller, Internationally known Singer Songwriter. Founder of band-Pure Prairie League, " Amy, What you going to do". Singer Songwriter For Little Feat. Currently writing and performing with son, Pat Fuller. First time rally team.